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Mastering Zygomatic Implantology with DR.V. Broumand & Dr. Anshul Mel.

Mastering Zygomatic Implantology with DR.V. Broumand & Dr. Anshul Mel.

Welcome to our Live Patient Zygomatic Implant Surgery workshop with DMD. Dr. Vishy Broumand and Dr. Anshul Mel at the Desert Ridge Oral Surgery Institute. In this engaging program, participants will delve into the realm of Zygomatic Implants, gaining insights into placing Guided Zygomatic Implants and mastering the digital workflow.

Join us for this transformative workshop to enhance your skills in Zygomatic implants, catering to challenging cases and providing optimal patient care. Whether you're an experienced implantologist or a novice in oral surgery, this workshop ensures valuable insights and practical knowledge to elevate your professional expertise. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exceptional learning experience!

Day 1 (March 8th):

Guided Zygomatic Surgery on a live patient by DMD. Dr. Vishy Broumand.

DMD. Dr. Vishy Broumand will commence with a brief lecture on case assessment and treatment planning for complete rehabilitation. The session includes CBCT scanning interpretation, Complete Zygomatic Implant Placement, and Temporization.

Day 2 (March 9th):

Lectures by DMD. Dr. Vishy Broumand and Dr. Anshul Mel on Zygomatic Implants, their indications and contradictions, featuring case studies and discussions on Zygomatic implants vs. customized implants. Introduction to Guided Zygomatic Surgery, Implant planning, Surgical Guide designing by Dr. Anshul Mel, 3D Printing demo and hands-on by participants, discussion on guide parts and steps, hands-on implant placement on a model with same-day prosthesis led by Dr. Anshul Mel, discussions on different impression techniques, selection of abutments, chair-side customized multiunit abutment technique, discussion on various prosthesis material options.

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop compatible with Exocad and Exoplan Software.


Location: Desert Ridge Oral Surgery Institute

20950 N.Tatum Blvd. 

Suite #200



Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days.




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