Tissue& Implant Supported Removable Prosthetics w/ Eugene Royzengurt

Tissue& Implant Supported Removable Prosthetics w/ Eugene Royzengurt





Treatment Planning

•          Patient treatment planning and communication for the edentulous situation

•          Model and occlusal analysis to evaluate the needs of the patient

•          Using mysostatic outline principles to help set individual teeth

•          Strategies of supporting the patient by addressing common patient complaints


Case Set-Up

•          Concepts of lingualized occlusion, balance and functional set-up arrangements

•          Vertical height restrictions and/or anatomical ridge variances

•          Review of anterior and posterior occlusal tooth arrangements to maximize function

•          Philosophies of starting your set-up; the remining teeth fall in line


Waxing & Contouring / Quality Control

•          Review of occlusion to reduce points of deflective contacts

•          Contour management of the denture base

•          Denture processing techniques

•          Overview of denture set-up techniques, strategies






Treatment planning and the prosthetically driven implant placement.

Choosing the proper treatment modality.

Scanguide fabrication techniques. Analog/Digital

Surgical guide fabrication utilizing a copy-denture technique. Analog/Digital

Custom tray fabrication techniques. Analog/Digital.

Open/Closed tray impressions

Master cast fabrication. Important steps to consider

Model verification with the use of impression and verification jig methods.

Tripodized wax rims for bite registration

Immediate load protocols

Utilizing a Verticualor

Utilizing a customized digital matrix for scanning and resets.

Locator Overdentures.

Bar Overdentures.

Universal lock Overdentures.

Secondary structure fabrication with fiberforce.

Trilor bar reinforcement.

Thimble bar restorations.

Conus overdentures.

Management of difficult treatments.