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Teeth & Tissue With Stefan Picha

Teeth & Tissue With Stefan Picha

Stefan Picha Hands-on Workshop!

2 Day Program.

In this two day course, we will layer a 6 unit zirconia framework bridge. We will also learn how to shade matching pink gingiva on a live patient. Master Stefan will teach us about teeth and tissue managing opacity and translucency, using stains and how to create surface texture to achieve a natural individual appearance. This will show us how it affects each tooth and tissue. An understanding of perfect harmony between white and pink, by creating biological shapes of teeth and tissue, and how to make a natural transition between gingiva margin and tooth of your restoration.  This 2-day workshop with world-renowned Master Ceramist will be held in Charlotte NC on May 4-5/23


Location:Amann Girrbach North America

13900 South Lakes Drive

Charlotte NC 28273

Hotels near by:Emabssy Suits 

  • A little more about Stefan...

    VITA dental way of life ...

    After my training in the laboratory Snay 1992, I search my path in dental technology. This I found 1996 Michael Heinz Polz and Stefan Schunke. After several years of training in the fields of aesthetics, function and milling in 2002 I did my master examination as an external at the Masters School in Nuremberg. Since 2009 I am a member of the Master Examination Committee Nuremberg. Since 2010 self-employed with my own laboratory in Fürth Germany Since 2015 member of the oral design foundation.

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