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Smile Design with Yan Barrozzo

Smile Design with Yan Barrozzo

A ceramist achieves a truly sophisticated technique by mastering the optical concepts behind every ceramic system. In addition, most desired results usually require simple applications rather than complex layering maps. Thus, we propose the CERAMIC.PRO program to facilitate the day-to-day work of ceramists.


Replicable and easy to understand, this methodology allows you to create ceramic restorations following the Trilaminar Approach. This approach involves positioning the ceramic layers using the anatomical model of natural teeth.


Why This Course?

  • Understand and indicate the different layering techniques.
  • Interpret the optical characteristics of anterior teeth.
  • Correctly correlate ceramic systems and materials.
  • Control translucency and opacity.
  • Apply biomimetic principles.
  • Explore different ways to reproduce optical mapping.
  • Select the appropriate ceramics.
  • Master the reproduction of dental tissues.
  • Create true halo effects.
  • Design mamelons.
  • Conduct exercises to master 3D volume control and incisal nuances.


DAY 1-  Morning


Theoretical guidance on the behavior of light and its relationship with natural teeth. Understanding of the ceramic system, its resources, biomimetics, material selection, oven settings, design of lithium disilicate frameworks, aesthetic parameters, and discussion of clinical cases.


Starting to demonstration. Ceramic powder selection, framework fitting, and layering demonstration in the 6 anterior teeth, discussing throughout the demonstration aspects related to morphology and color to get natural results. Students prepare their structures and get them ready for stratification


DAY 1- Afternoon

We continue with the whole process of building the anterior teeth. The concepts are based on the ceramic layering in a trilaminar way (dentin, incisal effects, enamel), taking as reference the building of natural teeth in layers. Different layering approaches will be presented to the student, making use of ceramic powders and pigments for effects creation.


Students continue with stratification. During the demonstration, the teacher prefers that students not do their work. The goal is to ensure the attention and concentration of students only on the teacher during this moment.


DAY 2- Morning/afternoon

The second day of the course is exclusively for practice, with the application of effects and enamel, finishing, texturing, polishing and Glaze. With the supervision of the teacher, everyone will execute the proposed methodology.

The teacher will be available to students throughout the day, with all your attention focused on answering questions and follow-up individually the implementation of each one, being possible to indicate corrections and modifications in the

students work at any time.

After the evaluation of the students work and discussion, we will deliver the certificates. In case someone needs more time to finish their work, the teacher will be available for supporting.

Time:9am-5 pm on both days

Lunch will be served on both days 12-1pm


Location:Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay

1633 N.Bayshore Dr.Miami ,FL 33132


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