MIYO Workshop With James Choi ( Dentists and Dental assistant)

MIYO Workshop With James Choi ( Dentists and Dental assistant)

This MiYO Workshop for dentists and dental assistants. This MiYO workshop is like no other and will bestow you with the information that will take your practice to the next level.

The first lecture/workshop will begin on Sept. 3rd at 8:30 am -5 pm .
This lecture/workshop will include:
•Mr. Choi presenting a lecture about preparation green state Zirconia units
•Calibration of the furnaces
•Controlling light dynamics with MiYo liquid ceramics and the philosophy behind it
•Color application of MiYO White
•Color application of MiYO Pink
•Understanding and handling MiYO ceramics

The second lecture/workshop on Sept. 4th will begin at 8am-4pm.
This lecture/workshop will include:
•MiYO Pink controlling texture on teeth and gingiva with separate structure cycles
•Technique of applying liquid ceramic materials with recommended instruments (brushes)
•Understanding how MiYO ceramics function and learning curves
•Lerarning and using different types of Mr.Choi’s MiYO techniques
•Mr. Choi will present a material selection that will best fit your practice

-All STL files will be sent to participants as you prepare your favorite Zirconia

Note: Please book now due to limited seating

We are thrilled to be bringing you such an exclusive and high-quality private course. This lecture is designed to fit your dental concepts and further your passion! Bring your questions, bring your smile!