Orange County Beginner MiYO Workshop with James Choi

Orange County Beginner MiYO Workshop with James Choi

This MiYO hands-on workshop is designed for beginners to intermediate. 

Nov 21st 2021 This lecture/hands-on workshop will include:

•Mr. Choi will present a lecture and a video will be sent to each participant about the preparation of green state Zirconia units

•calibration of the furnaces.

•Controlling light dynamics with MiYO liquid ceramics

•Color applications hands-on

•MiYo Pink gingiva with separate structure cycles hands-on •Understanding how MiYo liquid ceramics function and also learn about layering curves

-All STL files will be sent to participants as you prepare your favorite Zirconia

-This course will be held at Marriott Delta Hotels

12021Harbor Dr. Garden Groove, CA 92840

Note: Please book now due to limited seating We are thrilled to be bringing you such an exclusive and high-quality private course. This lecture is designed to fit your dental concepts and further your passion!