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Advanced MiYO and MiYO 850 Chair side  with James Choi

Advanced MiYO and MiYO 850 Chair side with James Choi

MiYO Workshop

The first  day lecture/workshop will begin at 9 am
This lecture/workshop will include:

Presentation of facial  Analysis and Symetry of his famous patient 
•Mr.James  Choi will present a lecture about preparation green state Zirconia Arch and single units 
• Calibration of the furnaces
•Controlling light dynamics with MiYO liquid ceramics
•Color map  application including MiYO White & Pink 

Hands on training

The 2nd day lecture/workshop will begin at 9 am
This final lecture/workshop will include:
•MiYO Pink- controlling texture on teeth and gingiva with separate Structure cycles

•Understanding how MiYO 850  liquid ceramics function and their capability  and how can be use in daily practice .

Learning the special color aplication and  layering technique of Whie Structure to optimize highest  chair side esthetics .

Hands on training.

-All STL files will be sent to participants as you prepare your favorite Zirconia-

You are welcome to bring your own  full arch for hands on training.

Note: Please book now due to limited seating

Time schedule:9am-5pm both days

Lunch 12-1pm 

Breakfast and lunch will be served on both days.
We are thrilled to be bringing you such an exclusive and high quality private course. This lecture is designed to fit your dental concepts and further your passion!

Workshop will be from9am-5pm on both days.

March24/23 will start at 9am-10 lecture

10-11:30 hands on

11:30 -12 pm Milling latest Zirconia Brian Li Amann Girrbach

12-1pm lunch

1-5 hands on

March 25/23

9am-12 pm hands on 

12-1 pm lunch

1-5 hands on







Location: Hilton Garden Inn 

4200 Taylor St.

San Diego



The meeting will be held in the Conservatory Room 

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