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The Matisse Challenge with Marat Awdaljan

The Matisse Challenge with Marat Awdaljan

SKU: Oct 20th-22nd

The Matisse Challenge: Matching Live 12 natural teeth
Using two techniques: full layering and full monolithic...

Denver, CO. October 20th-22nd 


About the Course: 

The process of achieving a perfect match for a single central shade in
dental work has always been a challenging task for both dental
technicians and dentists. The unpredictability of the outcome can lead to
frustration, as it largely depends on the human eye's judgment and
experience in selecting the right materials. Unfortunately, these materials
may not always translate the exact shade of the target tooth, leading to
repetitive corrections and trials. This has left many valid questions
unanswered due to a lack of scientific knowledge.


However, we are excited to announce that we have developed a new
course that aims to solve these problems and help you master the art of
shade matching. Our course is interactive and provides a boost of
knowledge gained from replicating the teeth of other participants. We
use two techniques in the course: full layering starting from a coping and
full monolithic only staining the crown. For the layering part, we use
Matisse Software and for the staining part, we use Matisse iOS app
to make the process faster and more precise. Taking the shade involves
using Optishade Styleitaliano. All cases will be discussed on a big
screen, providing you with the opportunity to learn from each other.


This course is carefully designed to ensure you learn everything you
need to know to confidently replicate different types of natural teeth and
achieve a perfect shade match. We are aware of the challenges involved
in this process and understand the importance of achieving an accurate
match for dental work. Therefore, we are committed to providing you
with the knowledge and skills required to achieve the best possible
outcome. We are confident that our course will be a valuable investment
for your professional development and will help you take your dental
work to the next level.


What is Matisse Software?
Matisse is a software that is using Al to calculate and predict the influence
of each layer: aesthetic model, substructure, dentin, internal effects, skin
enamel, the color data that is obtained by optishade is translated in a
complete step-by-step advice.


During the course, the participants will learn:
• A predictable step- by step protocol using Matisse and Optishade
• How to analyze natural teeth and understand the dynamic of light
• A new layering approach for ceramics to achieve lifelike results.
• How to avoid crowns from being low value
• How to control the opacity and translucency of your restorations
• How to create a natural-looking incisal transition from dentin to opal
• How to replicate the Matisse ColorModel with the precise color of the
• The importance of the finish: surface texture and surface gloss
• How to use Matisse workflow for various techniques (i.e., Micro-
layering, Full anatomical, Minimal cutback, and Full layering).




Before starting the course, it is recommended that the participant create an
account on our website You can sign up for the 30-day
free trial. Once you have registered, we suggest that you select the
premium plan. After that, you will need to download and install the Matisse
iOS App from the Appstore. During the course, we will be using both the
desktop software and the mobile app. As the organizer, it's important to
convey this information to all participants.


After signing up for Matisse desktop software, you can easily access it
through your browser. Simply navigate to our website using
Google Chrome and login to start using the software. It's important to note
that you can also use the same login credentials to access the Matisse iOS
app. Enjoy the convenience of seamless transitions between your desktop
and mobile devices


the Matisse iOS App is compatible with all iPhones starting from iPhone 6.
And for those with iPads, it works seamlessly on all devices running
iPadOS 14 and above.



Program Day 1

- Lecture the 8 challenging factors of shade matching and their solutions

- Taking participants shade with Optishade 

- How to use the Optishade iOS App

- Taking photos with DSLR Camera (for analyzing purposes)

- How to use the Matisse Software 

- Replicating a precise Matisse ColorModel

- Washbake with Matisse software: Framework staining

- Checking the color of the wash bake with Optishade


Program Day 2

- Generating dentin and internal effects recipes with Matisse Software
- First bake: how to translate the ceramic recipes into the right layers.

- Analyzing the case of every participant and giving layering advice

- Checking the result with Matisse software “Digital Try inn” and Optishade
 - Making a picture of all first bakes and giving feedback

- Chroma bake/ internal staining using Matisse Staining Studio

- Choosing the enamels using Matisse Enamel studio

- Form, texture, and glaze bake


Program Day 3

- Starting with the full monolithic crown

- Making an Optishade photo of the Full monolithic crown on the ColorModel

- Opening the photos in Matisse iOS mobile app

- Generating staining recipes

- Mixing the staining recipes and applying it on the crown

- Checking the color before firing the crown

- Review first bake

- Get staining recipes for the second bake: internal details

- Glaze bake or enamel bake

- Polishing

- Certification 

- End of course



Mountain West Dental Institute

925 Lincoln St

Denver,CO 80203


Hotel near by hotel:Warwick Hotel Denver

1776 Grant St






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