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Master Course in Anterior Aesthetics with Mariano Maurizi

Master Course in Anterior Aesthetics with Mariano Maurizi

Master course in anterior aesthetics 

This course will be held on May 8th-11th 2025 (4 day course) 

Course of study, practice, and progress on constructing restorative gum and tooth prostheses.

We are exploring the knowledge base and construction strategies for metal-free restorations.
A journey through the different techniques for individualizing highly aesthetic prostheses.


Analysis of the concepts of light and color. 

Contrasts of saturation, value, and translucency

COVERED MAKEUP is a makeup technique covered by a thin layer of enamels, with which highly aesthetic and natural restorations with controlled reflection surfaces are achieved.

ADVANCED gingival STRATIFICATION, is the study of the different ceramic masses combining the bases of conventional layered construction with the contribution of saturated ceramic masses to achieve natural three-dimensional gums with control of contraction and expressiveness.
Texture additive technique, mechanical polishing.

DENTO -GINGIVAL Mastering the position and orientation, together with correct morphology, helps us interpret and express our expressiveness in each of the restoration samples.
Applying the principles of color and light to interpret the internal structures of teeth and natural gums.

MONOLITHIC ZIRCONIA with added value.
Understanding the color system and perception of the environment.
The challenge of daily practice in the office and laboratory.
Scope of the external makeup system.
Morphological and texture construction techniques.

Light in a practical and everyday way, with effective exercises to solve questions in determining color.

External makeup and layering techniques.

Component and resulting analysis.
And the intervention of lumin-optic phenomena in the additive finishing of the tooth surface.

Macro and micro additive texture
Mechanical surface finishing.

1- theory of Light
2-morphology and design
3-dentogingival stratification
5-External makeup
6-mechanical finishing and polishing


About a complete upper and lower model

4 upper anterior units, ceramic on zirconia.

Lower model for aesthetic Dentogingival construction from canine to canine


Event Details:

  • Location: AC Marriott Hotel, al. 3 Maja 51, Krakow, 30-062, Poland.

Meeting Room: AVISPA B (GDG) 

  • Bring: your favorite porcelain brushes and instruments 
  • Business casual attire 
  • Time 9 am-5 pm
  • Lunch 12:30-1;30pm
  • Lunch will be served on the four days 

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and explore the artistry of restorative construction!


Group Discounts are available please contact. Contact Viola on WhatsApp at +7205875865 

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