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Keep It Simple with Paulo Battistella

Keep It Simple with Paulo Battistella

About Paulo Battistella

-Private Master Ceramist at Matt Nejad Institute 

-Beverly Hills - Author of “ Keep It Simple Concept Porcelain Book “ ( Quintessence 2016 )

-International Ceramic Consultant Creation by Willi Geller 

-Member of International Academy for Oral and facial Aesthetics inNew York 

-DSD Master Team Member 


Course Description: 

Keep it Simple is an Advanced practical master course of ceramic application on refractory in Veneers, demonstrating the work protocol and the concept of three layers ( Dentin , Enamel Effects and Enamel) developed by Paulo Battistella with great names of Brazilian and worldwide dentistry and showing in the Keep It Simple Concept Porcelain Book , with the efforts to show how it is predictable and easy to copy natural teeth.


“Keep It Simple Concept Porcelain " 


- Morphological and facial Analysis 

- Anatomical References: Dento - Facials, Dento - Gums, DentoLabial 

- Color selection: Reading predictably and uncomplicated, copying nature 

- Approach and use of the stratification technique of the minister in 3 layers (drawing of Dentin, Enamel Effects and Enamel) with Creation CC 

- Macro and Micro Textures in veneers with Ultrasonic Texture technique developed by Paulo 

- Shape, texture, morphology, glaze and surface polishing


Things to bring: 

- Your favorite porcealin instruments and brushes etc.


9am - 5pm (both days) 

Breakfast and lucnh will be included on both days

Location:165 S. Union Blvd 

1st Floor Conference Room

Lakewood CO 8028

Hotels suggestions :Hampton inn 137 Union Blvd Lakewood CO80228


** All sales are final NO REFUNDS**

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