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"Smile Design "on  Exocad with Daniel Portal

"Smile Design "on Exocad with Daniel Portal

Daniel Portal is the founder of Portal Digital Dentistry, a company focused on helping and educating dental professionals on the benefits of CAD/CAM technology. In his latest role as a certified trainer for Exocad North America, Daniel demonstrates the capabilities of the software helping to educate Exocad resellers, labs, and dentists around the world on the use and integration of Exocad.


In this course Daniel Portal will take you from deep hands-on experiences on the basic fundamentals  to Intermidiate on  the Computer Aided Design (CAD) for dental restorations workflows. 


EXOCAD Through its open architecture and user friendliness. Exocad simplifies and supports all workflows: Analog, digital and can even help you implement photogrammetry allowing you to achieve a beautiful design in no time.


Exocad Basics, licensing, modules, and software’s

What modules to get? Does exocad offer bundles? Why a Flex license over a Perpetual license?


Exocad DentalDB

Order form creation

Order creation specifics. Understand each restoration type offered by the software and in what instances to use it. Most issues encountered when using the software have to do with a bad order form creation.


DB customization

Learn how to customize the naming convention used by the software, how to relocate your database.


Introduction to Dental CAD

What makes Dental CAD different from other software? Expert mode vs Wizard and the tools available.


October 21 st


We will be learning how to design a basic single crown and bridge. ,Inlay ,Onlay, Veneers, Implant restoration. What additional tools can be used and why?



Need a facial or custom cutback? Exocad has a tool for that!


By covering the basics, we will Explore  Smile Creartor  and dive deep into  Designing beautiful Smile Architectucture it with Daniel  Portal.   

Attendees are welcome to bring their own case to design with Daniel.                                                                                                                                                                   


                                                                                                                                                                                             Through its open Exocad  architecture and user friendliness 

Smile creator ,will allow you to achieve a beautiful design in no time


 If you would like to bring your case to design with Trainer Daniel Portal you must submit it 3 weeks before the course. submit the case


We will be providing demo licensing during the 3 day Exocad workshop. Participants are required to bring a laptop computer that is a 7th generation or newer, 16GB or more. If you have questions please email


Locatioan:165 S.Union Blvd

Lakewood,CO 80228



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