eLAB Prime In Practice with Dominik Gliniecki

eLAB Prime In Practice with Dominik Gliniecki

Elab Prime in Practice  in Denver, Colorado (Nov 18th-19th) 

Single central and Platinum foil veneer 

In this two Days intensive workshop I will be teaching about practical  application of e-lab system. We will learn about Photography in shade  communication , functionalities of Prime software and much more. We will create a single central using custom dentin recipes generated by  Prime, perform digital try-ins and check the results on a model simulating  the patient. Additionally we will learn about Platinum foil technique on a  partial non-prep veneer. I will share With you my tips and tricks learned  through many years of using digital shade evaluation and feldspathic  veneers o foil. 

What to bring to the workshop: 

1. Open mind 

2. Laptop ( preferably MacBook ) 

3. DSLR Camera set up for dental Photography  

4. Polarized filters 

5. Gray reference card 

6. Lightroom Classic Software, Keynote, Elab Prime 

7. Elab co-pilot tools 

8. Favorite ceramic tools ( brush, burs etc) 

If you are not yet fully “e-lab ready” meaning you don't have all the  equipment necessary , I will help with the digital aspect on my computer And provide a test license. 

The work of instructor will be projected on a big screen ( great visibility )



DAY 1 

8.30 am Lecture 

“ Why elab “ 

9.15 am Workshop 

10.40 am. Coffee brake 

11.00 Workshop 

1.00 pm Lunch 

2.00 pm Workshop 

5.00 pm End of first day 


DAY 2 

9.00 am. Workshop 

12.00 am Lunch  

1.00 pm Workshop 

5.00 pm Conclusion / Certificates