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Digital Dentures with Daniel Alter

Digital Dentures with Daniel Alter

Digital Dentures, Take Your Future to the Next Level.


Are you ready to dive deep into Digital Dentures Workflow with  Daniel Alter MSc, MDT, CD.

Join Daniel Alter for Digital Denture  workflow and learn how  to fabricate high quality digital dentures with ease, allowing for you to truly benefit and grow your  practice and laboratory’s revenue with this unique and exciting opportunity.  

Hands on with  3Shape Denture  design techniques.

Hands on  Denture streamlined workflows

Hands on manufacturing, post processing and  characterizations of the Denture

 Each participant will complete their own Digital Denture and have a comprehensive understanding of the options and how to best position yourself with this exciting prosthesis.

Who should attend:

  Laboratory owners, managers and technicians 

Fixed Dental laboratories looking to become Full Service

Removable Dental Laboratories 

In-House Dental Labs and their Clinicians


Implant Supported Prosthesis Success!

Implant supported prosthetics have become the Desired Restorative process in many Practices and the opportunity for Dental Laboratories to tap into this highly profitable offering is truly remarkable.  

Join Daniel Alter MSc, MDT, CDT as he presents multiple workflows to fabricate high quality implant supported prosthetics -- when, where and how -- allowing for you to truly benefit and grow.  


Address: 165 S. Union Blvd, Lakewood CO, 80228  


Schedule: 9am-5pm both days



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