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The Passion for Ceramics in Your Daily  Practice with Master Sabine Mayer

The Passion for Ceramics in Your Daily Practice with Master Sabine Mayer

Smile Harmony, Shape, Morphology, and Surface Texture.

What is Aesthetics?


How do I achieve beautiful and harmonious-looking restorations  and offer for my patients in daily practice?


These and other questions I try to work out in my workshop.


Nature gives us the perfect imperfection and inspires us with its harmony.

She inspires us to imitate this harmony, which means we have to look very closely and consciously at the nature of teeth to understand their" life and soul."

My workshop aims to achieve a natural efficient micro layering result, natural shape and surface in the simplest possible way, to trust in the gut feeling to Imitate small differences, as they occur in nature, by minimal grinding details, and to create contrasts and breathe life into the crowns by introducing micro layering with Ivoclar materials.


In this 2 day hands-on workshop in Denver, Colorado. Sabine Mayer will guide you through the micro layering technique with Internal stains on 2 Anterior Zirconia Restorations (minimal cutback and Monolithic).

 Sabine will go in-depth about all nuances of natural tooth shape and Morphological characteristics with details of  Line Angles and  Surface texture.

Sabine will also teach us the 3D Staining technique on Monolithic full-contour crowns.

Ivoclar Facility





Time: 9 am-5 pm (both days)

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