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Micro Layering with Mariano Maurizi MasterClass.

Micro Layering with Mariano Maurizi MasterClass.




This class will take place in Rome, Italy on May17th- 18th 2024


Master Class on a theoretical and practical course lasting two days.


Going through restorative construction with a natural aesthetic sense

We will approach layering from its parallelism with makeup.

Based on the theory of color and the phenomena of light.

We will do things from the simple to the complex, to understand the process, gain experience, and connect with the various pure masses.

Then to be able to apply color with shape, with a logical and practical sequence.



Analysis of the concepts of light and color.

Morphology through prosthetic genesis "4_espheres"

A correct choice of material according to value concept.

Saturation, value, and transparency contrasts

In-depth Learning of a new technique and its application Makeup and Micro Layering on Pink Gingiva.

Macro and micro-texture.

Mechanical finishing of surfaces.

COVERED MAKEUP is a makeup technique covered by a thin layer of enamels, with which highly aesthetic and natural restorations are achieved with controlled reflection surfaces.

COVERED MAKEUP is the best asset for your laboratory and in-house lab at your practice that you can deliver for your patients.


Hands-on curriculum :

The class will start from 9 am-5 pm on both days, with lunch from 12-1 pm, breakfast and lunch included on both days.

 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 COVERED MAKEUP technique

 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 micro-layering technique. 

During this hands-on workshop, Mariano Maurizi will demonstrate all aspects of his micro layering technique on zirconia substructure.


 Materials  provided to be used during class:

 IPS Ivocolor essence kit

 IPS Ivocolor shade kit


Things to bring: porcelain brushes and all your favorite porcelain instruments, holders, trays, etc.


The class will start at 9-5 pm on both days.

Breakfast and lunch will be served on both days.



Cultural Conference Centre

Via Palombarese 131 

Fonte Nuova 

Roma ,Italia 






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