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Global Dental Gallery LLC Policies and Disclaimers

Return Policy: 

The bill of sale to any event or course acts as admission for that specific event or course. All sales are final. No refunds.


Fulfillment Policy:

Once admission to the course or event is purchased, it is your responsibility to arrive and attend the engagement at the prior established date and time. Likewise, we ask every participant/ attendee to exercise due diligence on their behalf before committing to any future events. Under the conditions that the participant or attendee cannot commit to attending the engagement please contact us directly. Global Dental Gallery LLC reserves the right and decision to accredit admission to a future event at will. Accrediting admission to future courses or events for any participant is strictly the prerogative of Global Dental Gallery LLC. 


​Privacy Policy:

Global Dental Gallery LLC, upholds privacy as a cornerstone facet of all business transactions and further regards any personal data that to be entrusted into the care of Global Dental Gallery is held and stored for the purposes of sending marketing material, order processing, and the verification of completed transactions.

Global Dental Gallery LLC reserves the right to share personal data with third parties that provide services for us or on our behalf, including payment processing, data analysis, email delivery, hosting services, customer service, and marketing product assistance. By purchasing admission to any course or event sponsored by Global Dental Gallery LLC, you are hereby consenting in agreement to the disclosure and use of personal data.


Disclaimer: Our directive at Global Dental Gallery is to provide the participant/attendee with the best possible information in light of which individuals can make decisions based on their own actions. Global Dental Gallery LLC is not liable for any of the participant’s or attendee’s actions nor dental procedures surrounding the methodology or knowledge offered through any of the courses associated with Global Dental Gallery LLC.

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